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Burnside Environmental Services Ltd. Mar 7, 2002: Glycol Concentration Facility: Inland Technologies Canada Inc: Mar 1, 2002: White Rock Quartz, Kaolin and Mica Mine: Black Bull Resources Incorporated: Feb 18, 2002: Troy Quarry Expansion: S.W. Weeks Construction Limited: Dec 21, 2001: Highway 101 Extension - Digby to Weymouth North

3. The Environmental Impacts of Aggregate Extraction ...

The landscape is blotted with destructive pits and quarries, and species of all kinds endure permanent negative impacts. A more detailed picture of the environmental impact of aggregate mining is outlined in a 2005 legal challenge to the expansion of an existing quarry in the Niagara Escarpment.

Environmental Impact Assessment Registration

Environmental Impact Assessment Registration (1508) Proposed Upham East Gypsum Quarry Project, Upham, New Brunswick Registration documents are prepared by proponents and made available in the language in which they were received by the Department of Environment and Local Government.

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Gypsum Dangers. Many people use gypsum every day but don't know it. The mineral consists of calcium sulfate, a chemical compound with myriad different uses. The federal Food and Drug ...

Gypsum as an agricultural product | Soil Science Society ...

Although gypsum has been used in agriculture for more than 250 years, the benefits it provides are still being studied. In addition, the re-use of gypsum by-products from coal power plants reduces the need to mine gypsum from geologic deposits. It also saves landfill space.

How do quarries effect the environment?

In a number of ways Environmental Impact * Most directly quarrying removes rock and soil depleting natural resources and changes the topography and impacts the natural drainage pattern. * In addition, quarrying comes with associated problems like ...

Environmental Assessment Registration for the National ...

Environmental Assessment Registration for the National Gypsum Mine Extension Project No. 121511228 Prepared for: National Gypsum (Canada) Ltd. 1707 Highway 2 Milford NS B0N 1Y0 Prepared by: Stantec Consulting Ltd. 102-40 Highfield Park Drive Dartmouth NS B0A 0A3 Tel: (902) 468-7777 Fax: (902) 468-9009 February 2015

Gypsum Plasterboard and the environment

Made from the simple materials of gypsum and paper it is used in most building types in a wide range of applications including wall lining, partitions, sound control and fire protection. The main environmental impacts associated with plasterboard result from the production process, transportation and disposal.

Hydraulic Impacts of Quarries and Gravel Pits

Water-Level Impacts. At all three sites, the quarry dewatering has altered the local ground-water hydrology. In essence, the quarries act as huge wells, lowering the water table in the aquifer. The impact of the dewatering at the Kraemer Quarry is shown in Figure 2. This lowering could affect Figure 2.

Bureau of Land Management contemplates planned US Gypsum ...

Dec 16, 2019· US: The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released its Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS) for US Gypsum's proposed upgrades to its Split Mountain quarry near Plaster City. Imperial Valley Press has reported that the FSEIS will provide the basis for the BLM's decision as to how much if any of the proposed US$110m's-worth upgrade to grant clearance …

Environmental impacts associated with an abandoned mine in ...

Initially, there was little environmental degradation associated with mining activities; however, in the late 1930s, a pillar-robbing programme commenced. This has had a marked effect on the environment. Some of the most notable primary effects include subsidence, the appearance of tension cracks at the surface and crownhole development.

Federal Register :: Notice of Availability of the Final ...

The quarry is located on Split Mountain Road approximately 26 miles northwest of Plaster City. Both sites are located within the BLM's California Desert Conservation Area. A joint Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS) was published in 2006, and a Final EIR/EIS was published in 2008.


Aug 10, 2014· Environmental Impacts of Mining - Nevada Mining Documentary - Duration: ... Cardinal Aggregate Quarry & Processing Operation - Duration: 3:13. Cardinal Aggregate 57,054 views.

Environmental Effects Of Gypsum Quarry

Chapter 10 GYPSUM - nottinghamshire.gov.uk. Method of Working and Environmental Impact Opencast Extraction of the Newark Gypsum 10.5 Extraction begins with the creation of an initial cut which needs to provide adequate space to develop and work the quarry face.

Environmental Impact Study

Aug 29, 2019· Chile: Germany's Knauf plans to invest US$11m towards increasing the rate of gypsum extraction at a quarry its subsidiary Yesos Andinos operates at the Rubí deposit, in in San José del Maipo, Cordillera Province. The company said in an Environmental Impact Study (EIA) that it wants to raise extraction to 0.4Mt/yr, according to ValorFuturo. At present it is restricted to 35,000t/yr at the site.

Kootenay West gypsum mine granted an environmental ...

George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, and Michelle Mungall, Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, have decided to issue an environmental assessment certificate to CertainTeed Gypsum Canada Inc. for the Kootenay West Mine project.

Potential Environmental Impacts of Quarrying Stone in ...

Potential Environmental Impacts of Quarrying Stone in Karst— A Literature Review By William H. Langer Open-File Report OF–01–0484 2001 This report is preliminary and has not been reviewed for conformity with U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) editorial standards

Review of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for ...

Review of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Proposed Quarrying and Mineral Processing (Limestone & Gypsum - Caribbean Cement Company Limited (CCCL)) at Harbour Head and Gypsum Quarry at Halberstadt in St. Andrew, Jamaica Done by EnviroPlanners Limited Review prepared by: Jamaica Environment Trust 123 Constant Spring Road, Unit 5

Mine Stewardship | Green | American Gypsum

Minimum Environmental Impact. At American Gypsum, we operate three gypsum quarries in the United States, with all operations monitored by either the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or state run Department of Mines. For each quarry, we have mining and reclamation plans, which are fully approved by the appropriate state or federal agency.

BLM releases environmental analysis for US Gypsum mine ...

Dec 05, 2019· EL CENTRO, Calif. – The Bureau of Land Management has released the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed expansion of the US Gypsum Mine and associated water lines in southwestern Imperial County.The Final Supplemental EIS provides a comprehensive analysis of the potential environmental impacts of the proposed mine expansion …


Gypsum is a soft, abundant mineral mined around the world. It is typically mined by blasting mineral deposits in a quarry. Drywall production has a noticeable environmental impact. Processing the gypsum releases particulates from the gypsum powder in addition to sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide, and carbon monoxide. Heating the gypsum also has

Life Cycle Resources – Gypsum Association

By quantifying these environmental impacts throughout the product life cycle, LCA provides a comprehensive environmental profile of the product and a more accurate picture of the true environmental trade-offs in product selection. The following Gypsum Association industry average LCA reports conform to the ISO 14040 series of LCA standards:


Ahtium plc was a Finnish mining company, which filed for bankruptcy on 6 March 2018. Until late 2017 the company was known as Talvivaara Mining Company plc (Finnish: Talvivaaran Kaivososakeyhtiö Oyj), when it was a nickel mining business operating Talvivaara mine in Finland.Formerly listed on the London and Helsinki Stock Exchanges, the company was a constituent of the OMXH25 index.

Gypsum Extraction in Kashmir Impacts Health, Environment

Sep 10, 2012· Gypsum mining results in environmental hazard as well, says Gurcharan Singh, an environmentalist and former mass media officer for the Directorate of Ecology, Environment and Remote Sensing. "Gypsum mining can lead to destabilizing slopes [and] that can lead to soil erosion. [The] water table gets affected." He adds that the population in ...


the economic, social and environmental impacts of the gypsum mining on people living nearby as well as at the national level. However, given the non-existence of economic and social data on the communities, the impacts outlined in the study are mostly perceived ones. Part 2: A brief background of Khothagpa gypsum mine The gypsum mine is located ...

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