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Michigan Career and Technical Institute Fall 2009 Custodial

cleaning entryways, gyms, carpets, windows, hallways, kitchens, concrete, brick, resilient floors. CU 207: Performing Periodic Floor Care Students build their skills in cleaning floors and working with cleaning chemicals. In this class and lab students work individually or cooperatively within a team while stripping, refinishing, and/or generally

Standard Operating Procedure

MAN-075 Example -Tablet Packing Machine construction, operation and cleaning Author: https:// Subject: This procedure describes the machine construction and operation, machine start up and cleaning of a typical tablet Blistering machine and the Cartoner for tablet packing. You will be able to create a new procedure for your ...

contract agreement

c.2) daily cleaning and sanitization of restrooms on work days; c.3) hourly cleaning of bathroom facilities on ground floor during events dedicated to Italy's National Day, Italian Armed Forces Day, and EU Embassies Open House Day; c.4) quarterly cleaning of all windows on the second, third and fourth floor, inside and outside or as needed.

Environmental Management Plan

The production and construction processes will involve construction of reinforced concrete (RC) foundations and structures. The open and enclosed work areas are likely to be dusty in the phase of reinforced concrete construction, and it is necessary to take mitigation measures to reduce dust.

Cleaning SWMS | Safe Work Method Statements

Cleaning (Construction Site Amenities) SWMS 10609-3. $79.95 (Ex. GST) Add to Cart. Quick view Add to Cart. Cleaning (Crime Scene) SWMS 10632-2. $79.95 (Ex. GST) Add to Cart. Quick view Add to Cart. Cleaning (Final Building Clean Before Handover to Client) SWMS 10037-8 ...

Builder's and Post Construction Cleaning

Builders and Post Construction Cleaning 9 the respect it deserves so get the cleaners trained in this work. But you have to be very good at the job, and you need experience – but you have to start somewhere – and that's here! We'll show you everything you need to know about carrying out

Vessel Sanitation Program Construction Guidelines

8.1.1 Cleaning Distance Less Than 600 Millimeters (24 Inches)..... 30 8.1.2 Cleaning Distance Between 600 Millimeters (24 Inches) and 1,200 Millimeters (48 Inches) 30 8.1.3 Cleaning Distance Between 1,200 Millimeters (48 Inches) and 1,800 Millimeters

Sanitary Equipment Design Principles

Construction materials used for equipment must be completely compatible with the product, environment, cleaning and sanitizing chemicals and the methods of cleaning and sanitation. 2. Made of Compatible Materials Principle #2 - MADE OF COMPATIBLE MATERIALS # Description Reference S M U NA Comments Points Points Available 2.1


The cleaning and disinfection (C&D) of equipment, materials, and premises is done to prevent or mitigate the spread of foreign animal diseases (FADs) during an outbreak. As part of a wider response, this helps to stabilize animal agriculture, the food supply, the economy, and to protect

DeepDive: Declarative Knowledge Base Construction

The dark data extraction or knowledge base construction (KBC) problem is to populate a SQL database with information from un-structured data sources including emails, webpages, and pdf re-ports. KBC is a long-standing problem in industry and research that encompasses problems of data extraction, cleaning…

Principles of Food Sanitation

updated information on plant construction, cleaning compounds, sanitizers, and cleaning equipment that applies to those segments of the industry. These chapters provide the food industry with valuable guidelines for sanita-tion operations and specific cleaning …


Construction. Construction means to build, develop, or extend real property and real property systems or components, or any acquisition of land. It includes erecting, installing, or assembling a new facility; adding, expanding, or extending an existing facility; or relocating an existing facility.


cleaning materials, cleaning schedules, all addenda issued prior to execution of this agreement and all change orders or modifications issued and agreed to by both parties. All documents noted herein shall be provided to the Contractor by the Owner. These contract documents represent the entire agreement of both parties and supersede any

Construction Method Statement – Roof 50kW

Construction Method Statement – Roof 50kW Project The project involves the installation of approximately 176 Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on the roof of the building, which will have an energy generation capacity of 50kW. The proposed works include:

Safety in Residential Construction

construction. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total case incident rate (TCIR) for Michigan construction increased from 2.6 injuries and illnesses per 100 full-time workers in 2011 to 5.0 in 2012. Over the last five years, from 2008 – 2013, over 37% of construction fatalities in Michigan have


• Ensuring that all Construction Tests required within the contract documents are properly documented. • Assembling documentation that the Owner's Commissioning Authority has reviewed all systems included in the project. • Compiling and issuing a Commissioning Report at Substantial Completion that includes the following:

Cleaning Validation & Disinfectant Efficacy Studies

Cleaning validations are conducted to show that the cleaning process and frequency, including any mechanical cleaning actions, are sufficient to maintain surfaces in a defined state free of product, cleaning chemical residues and adventitious infectious organisms. These studies demonstrate that materials can be cleaned to the desired chemical and


an appropriate cleaning solution. All visible traces of contaminants are to be removed with final wiping performed with clean rags and clean solvent. A discussion of solvent cleaning methods and Specification SSPC-SP1-"Solvent Cleaning" are included in Figure 5-393.456 (12) thru (13). Surfaces of steel members for which blast cleaning is specified

Station Maintenance & Cleaning

has a more comprehensive cleaning program and the secondary station receives a reduced cleaning program. Limited cleaning activities at the "B" Secondary Stations: 1. Thoroughly clean all restrooms. 2. Thoroughly clean elevators. 3. Police concourse and platform as needed. 4. Empty trash, clean receptacles in station. 5.

Filetype Pdf Construction Cleaning

Filetype Pdf Construction Cleaning. Filtration and air-cleaning systems to protect building environments from airborne chemical, biological, or radiological attacks department of health and human services centers for disease control and prevention national institute for …

Construction Scheduling Manual

Construction Scheduling Manual, 2013 Page 1 1.0 Introduction Designer and Contractors are to use this manual to create construction schedules for Designers and Contractors. Most construction projects involve the reconstruction of existing highways, which means that traffic will be disrupted. It …

Guidance for Filtration and Air

tion and air-cleaning systems in an efficient and cost-effective man-ner. Filtration systems can play a major role in protecting both buildings and their occupants. Prevention is the cornerstone of public and occupational health. This document provides preventive measures that building owners and


603-07 Sanitary Construction, Installation, Testing, and Operation of High-Temperature Short-Time and Higher-Heat Shorter-Time Pasteurizer Systems 11/2005 604-05 Supplying Air Under Pressure in Contact with Product and Product Contact Surfaces 11/2004 605-04 Permanently Installed Product and Solution Pipelines and Cleaning Systems 8/1994

2016 National Construction Estimator

The 2016 National Construction Estimator lists esti-mated construction costs to general contractors per-forming the work with their own crews, as of mid-2016. Overhead & profit are not included. This Manual Has Two Parts; the Residential Construction Division begins on page 17. Use the figures in this division when estimating the cost of

CSI Codes

00075 Construction Materials – General 00080 Business Service 00090 Caterer 00100 Communications Equip. & Service 00110 Computers, Hardware, Software 00120 Construction Equip. Sales, Leasing, Repair 00130 Construction Tools 00140 Consultant 00150 Developer 00160 Educational Schools, Seminars, Training 00170 Employee Benefits 00180 Engineer

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