How To Do Cement Floors

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How Thick Do Concrete Floors Need To Be?? – Kitchen

Nov 02, 2019· Concrete floor video on how to install concrete over an existing wood subfloor. It's best to place the underlayment over 3/4-inch-thick plywood fastened with screws at 12- to 16-inch intervals to help decrease deflection and add stability. Be sure to use …

DIY Concrete Floor | Cheap Home DIYs | Design Mom

Ultimately, I built up 6 thin layers and then topped it with a thicker layer. But the whole DIY concrete floor is quite thin — maybe 1/8″ thick max. DIY CONCRETE FLOOR – THINGS TO KNOW. One thing I learned: You can still see the seams of the subfloor (notice the vertical line …

Concrete Floors

Dec 19, 2018· The person applying the self leveling floor cement prior to installing any flooring, uses a rake to gently guide and smooth the self leveler compound across the level floor with concrete like a ...

How to Level Concrete Floors: 10 Steps (with Pictures ...

May 17, 2011· Over time, concrete floors can settle unevenly or become uneven due to cracking and moisture. Whether you want to refinish an uneven basement floor, or replace or add new flooring on top of an existing concrete floor somewhere in your home, you most likely will need to level the concrete floor.

How to paint a concrete floor

Jun 10, 2013· Epoxy Flooring Disasters that could happen to you! - Learn about our top 10 incidents - Duration: 15:02. LearnCoatings - Epoxy Flooring Training 241,014 views

How to Smooth a Concrete Floor | Hunker

Top coat the concrete floor with a self-leveling patch in the cases of excessively rough or warped floors. Mix it in a bucket according to the manufacturer's directions using the drill and paddle. Pour it into the low spots on the floor and use the trowel to smooth it over the surface. It will naturally level itself and leave a smooth, finished ...

How to Install Transition Strips on Concrete Floors | Hunker

Jul 17, 2017· When you're working on a concrete floor, the installation of transitions is different from the way it's done on a typical subfloor installation. The key to keep in mind is to always follow the manufacturer's directions in order to maintain the integrity of the flooring warranty.

How to level a concrete floor part 1: preparation

Nov 21, 2013· Watch our step-by-step video showing how to level a concrete floor, with expert advice and top tips to help you complete the job with confidence. See the other part in this series: Part 2 ...

How to Self Level Concrete Floors Like Pros

Dec 19, 2018· The person applying the self leveling floor cement prior to installing any flooring, uses a rake to gently guide and smooth the self leveler compound across the level floor with concrete like a ...

5 Concrete Floors That Will Cement Your Love for This Material

Mar 14, 2020· Concrete just might be your most eco-friendly flooring option. If there's already a concrete slab in your home or apartment, all you need to do is have it sanded and sealed. You need only minimal additional materials, meaning your impact on the environment is tiny. What's more, concrete lasts a long time — we're talking centuries.

How to Paint Concrete Floors

Knowing how to paint concrete floors can make the difference between a stylish statement and a mess. 1 Gather your materials. You'll need a stir sticks, a couple of 2-1/2-inch synthetic angled sash brush, a telescoping extension pole, two roller covers, a roller cage, a 5-in-1 tool, a roller tray and liners.

How to Paint Concrete: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

May 05, 2020· How to Paint Concrete. Interior and exterior concrete surfaces do not have to remain a flat, boring shade of gray. Concrete can be made to look interesting and beautiful by applying a few coats of paint. Painting concrete is a simple and...

How to Stain Concrete Floors

A full tutorial on how to stain concrete floors yourself. Staining a concrete floor is easy. Follow the step by step tutorial and watch the video on how to stain a concrete patio floor and do it yourself. Full details on Fill cracks in concrete, how to etch concrete and restain stained concrete.

How to use your concrete floors as your finished flooring

If you're wondering what you can do to use your concrete floors as the finished flooring, look no further. Below, I'll show you some highly decorative, polished, stained, and colored options I think you'll find very attractive. I'm Mike, my company Day's Concrete Floors, Inc has been installing concrete flooring …

The Pros and Cons of Concrete Flooring | DIY

Dyes added as the wet concrete is being mixed produces concrete in a huge range of earthy colors. Surface treatments such as acid stains, concrete stains and paint made for concrete floors turn plain concrete into beautiful, one-of-a-kind finishes. Also, concrete can be …

Top 50 Best Concrete Floor Ideas

Do you believe in magic? This concrete floor epoxy finish is enchanting with recess lighting illuminating the floor's ice like appearance. This type of veneer is long-wearing and frequently used because of its durability. In addition, the concrete surface exudes the glossy finish that has become a popular choice for many interior designers today.

How to prep a painted concrete floor for repainting ...

Oct 08, 2018· I have the similar situation in the basement —a concrete painted laundry room floor painted several times over the decades two at least. I asked the expert's at Rustoleum. Here as the response to my situation. They're customer support and service is fabulous. Hope this helps,

Stained Concrete Floors

Apr 01, 2020· How do you fix stained concrete floors? Unfortunately, one of the few drawbacks of stained concrete floors is that they can be tricky to repair. Matching a stain years down the road can be quite difficult, and if the floor requires patching, the new concrete is likely to take the stain differently than the original surface.

How to Install a Cement Backerboard

Installing a cement backerboard is crucial when you want a waterproof tile floor that lasts for years without cracking. Cement backerboard is a thin layer of concrete with fiberglass mesh on both sides. It's available in sheets of many sizes, with 3-foot by 5-foot sheets being the most common.

How to Polish a Concrete Floor |

A concrete floor makes for a spectacular finish, indoors or out. To keep your floor looking its best, regular cleaning and occasional polishing are common practice. In addition to making your surface look great, a proper polishing regimen can extend the longevity of your concrete floor.

5 Creative Treatments for Concrete Floors

Concrete flooring can also be dyed to give it your preferred color. In this kitchen, the concrete floor has been dyed with a solid brown, water-based coloring agent. This has created a rich, smooth finish that is uniform across the entire floor. Unlike acid-staining, the dye does not cause a chemical reaction with the concrete.

Pour a Floating Concrete Floor : 6 Steps (with Pictures ...

Pour a Floating Concrete Floor: We had a building that had an existing concrete floor that was poured directly on the ground. Over the years it had cracked. Normally you would jackhammer the old concrete out and do it right. However the building supports were placed directly on ...

How to Clean an Unsealed Concrete Floor | Hunker

A quality concrete floor cleaner can keep the shine on that great expanse of flooring. There are a few ways to clean a concrete floor depending on what type of product it has on its surface and what look you are attempting to preserve or create. Untreated concrete flooring needs care.

How to Repair a Concrete Floor: 13 Steps (with Pictures ...

Dec 30, 2019· How do I repair a concrete floor that has a lot of pin holes in it? Community Answer. The holes have to be very clean. You can use a wire brush to clean them out. Then vacuum. Then moisten the floor with water. Mix some Cement-All with water, (Cement-All is a high grade cement that is used to fix driveways and stairs, and sticks very well to ...

How to Make Cement Floors More Appealing DIY Projects ...

Jun 01, 2016· So why not get creative and make your boring concrete floor shine? Create a modern, warm living space into your home with these 10 DIY Home Project Ideas For Your Cement Floors. Check this out! 1. Acid Stain Concrete Flooring. Acid staining is simple and gives you a one of a kind and inexpensive new solid floor covering.

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