how to make something drive in solidworks

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You can file your custom profile in the folder structure that SOLIDWORKS provides, or you can create a separate folder structure. Storing Custom Profiles in a Separate Folder Structure. If you want to store your profiles in a separate location, you can create a separate folder structure, and then specify it as a weldment profile file location.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Results Save Location Options & PDM ...

Apr 21, 2017· So ensure that plenty of space is available on the hard drive, otherwise you may get errors while running indicating it was unable to save results. Simulation Results in SOLIDWORKS PDM. In a multi-user environment, saving locally can make it …

Adding a Surface Finish Appearance to a SOLIDWORKS Part ...

We recently received a support call where a customer had added a surface finish appearance but it did not appear on his model. SOLIDWORKS has a lot of great options for adding surface finish appearances to give your models a more realistic feel.


Capture the dimensions, features and components you want to drive in SOLIDWORKS; Create dynamic, data-driven forms to input the values that drive your design; Build design rules to drive your models using the values entered on the form; Run the project again and again to create custom manufacturing files and quotes; Key benefits:

Is there a way to scale a solidworks assembly/ part ...

I am still learning Solidworks but when I came to scaling I was a bit perplexed as although one scales the part S/W still maintains the same dimensions. If correct one has to scale and re-dimension the part using Design Table (INSERT>TABLES>DESIGN TABLES). However, how to do it is leaving me in the doldrums. Thanks for any help you may provide.


If you selected Create belt part, a part containing the belt sketch is created and added to the Belt folder in the assembly. The part has: An external reference to the assembly. A LockToSketchMate that constrains the belt part to the belt sketch.

SolidWorks Dimensioning Tips

May 31, 2007· If you need to make sure a group of dimensions are always the same, select them (ctrl-select) then right click on them and select link values. Drive them with Equation or Design Tables If you really want to get fancy, you can drive some of your dimensions with Equations and Design Tables. Equation will let you make a dimension equal something.

Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS®

Automatically create any additional file format available in SOLIDWORKS®. You have complete control over file naming, use intelligent file naming to create a library of parts; Save files exactly where you want them; Create any additional file format available in SOLIDWORKS®


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DriveWorks Solo

Automatically create any additional file format available in SOLIDWORKS®. You have complete control over file naming, use intelligent file naming to create a library of parts; Save files exactly where you want them; Create any additional file format available in SOLIDWORKS


Animation (available in core SOLIDWORKS) You can use Animation to animate the motion of assemblies. Add motors to drive the motion of one or more parts of an assembly. Prescribe the positions of assembly components at various times using set key points. Animation uses interpolation to define the motion of assembly components between key points.


Reference dimensions show measurements of the model, but they do not drive the model and you cannot change their values. However, when you change the model, the reference dimensions update accordingly. Reference Center of Mass in Drawings. Center of mass is a selectable entity in drawings, and you can reference it to create dimensions.


Watch video clips to learn how to capture parameters in your SOLIDWORKS model, create an input form and build rules to generate new variations. Sample Projects …

10 Steps to Creating Your First Product in SOLIDWORKS ...

Sep 30, 2019· Actually one drive would be faster. The one drive folders are synced to the local machine. When a file is changed on another machine one drive should know the file changed and then download the new version. I would just make sure you have a good practice to make sure the latest file is downloaded/synced before trying to work on it.

How to Create a Custom Toolbox ...

Apr 23, 2020· The thread display might be something easy to overlook, but it does contain a potential problem for Assemblies. The 'Schematic' Thread Display will actually show the thread geometry in the Model. According to the Alignex 10 Best Practices for Large Assembly Design, modeling the threads is a performance no-no.

Building a Cycloidal Drive with SOLIDWORKS

Building a Cycloidal Drive with SOLIDWORKS By Omar Younis A Cycloidal Drive is a mechanism used in the engineering world as a speed reducer for an input shaft while reversing its direction. It is able to do this for high ratios in a small space. They do this using a rotor that has a unique motion (see Cycloidal Drive Motion Animation.avi).

How to change the width of this part? | SOLIDWORKS Forums

Feb 10, 2020· John Munroe wrote: John Stoltzfus wrote: The one way to change the width is to "Un-do" the fixed points and add dimensions. The way I would do it is split the part into two sections and move the one side and fill the gap..

How to Add Other File Types to the New Item Menu in ...

Jan 27, 2017· Now you can create a new file of the type you added. Open File Explorer and navigate to the folder in which you want to create the new file. Then, click the "Home" tab. In the New section on the Home tab, click the"New Item" button. You should see an option for …

How to make a ZIP File using SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go ...

Go to "FILE" then "Pack and Go" then choose the the "Save to ZIP File" option. Click "BROWSE" and pick a place on your hard-drive to save the Zip file. SolidWorks will then create a single ZIP FILE that you can upload to GrabCAD. (The photos are backwards so start at …

SOLIDWORKS: Creating and Using Design Tables

Apr 12, 2017· The Property Manager gives us a few choices. I'm going to select the first one, which will create a Blank table. If you select Auto-create, it will look at the part and pull in all existing configurations and the differences in those configurations, which is helpful if you're working with a part that you've already created multiple configurations for.

SolidWorks Tutorials – A step by step guide

SolidWorks User Interface is pretty simple and straight forward. There is 6 main area of interface you normally work with. 1) Menu Bar – Top most of the application, executing New File, Open File, Save, Print, Undo, Select, Rebuild, File Properties and Options.


SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD FEATURES. SOLIDWORKS CAD is the foundation for all solutions in the extensive 3D design product portfolio. It is easy-to-learn, extremely powerful and scalable and you'll shorten product development time, reduce costs and improve product quality.

DriveWorks Pro

DriveWorks can create many document types, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or HTML files. Automatically create custom branded quotations, covering letters, delivery notes, BOMs and more. DriveWorks can also save your SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings in a variety of other formats, such as eDrawings, DXFs, PDF and so on.

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