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We maintain all new stock - not discontinued designs, or braces with old foams, glues, or resins, let alone returns after surgery. This ensures greater performance, as well as, the highest level of patient protection for recovery following an orthopedic procedure. When you need a brace for an orthopedic knee, back, or ankle injury, DME-Direct ...


May 10, 2020· If you've experienced ice therapy in a clinic somewhere, a machine a lot like this one, at least after 2001, is probably what you experienced, so if you didn't mind that, you won't mind this one. Features. Capacity: Not specified – between 6-9L likely. Power: Wall electricity or battery. Controls: Onboard. Performance

Cold Therapy Unit, Machine, System, Product

Most often, the term cold therapy products (aka systems, units, machines, or devices) refers specifically to an insulated cooler with an integrated pump that circulates cold water out to a specialized blanket for 6-9 hours to provide pain relief and reduction of swelling following surgery or trauma to a joint.

Rent Cold Therapy

The Medcom Group, Ltd. provides cold therapy equipment available for rent on our online medical supply store. Whether you're in need of a knee or shoulder wrap, or a cold therapy machine, we're your go-to supplier. Our goal has been helping patients recover since 1988. So if you're in need of rentable cold therapy equipment, give us a call today!

Top 5 Best Ice Machine for Knee in 2020

Ideal icing machine for post-operative or injury repair. Though ideally made to use for lower back, this machine can also be used for icing the knee after the replacement surgery or ligament repair. It comes with 15 minutes increments and auto-shutoff mechanism.


Ice/Cold therapy helps reduce swelling and pain, not only immediately after surgery but during rehabilitation. Considering the opioid crisis today, alternative therapies to pain management are needed now more than ever.

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New for 2.0 Quiet, high-efficiency pump provides steady, effective cooling. Benefits of the Active Ice System are that it is specifically designed for post-surgery, when serious pain relief is required. The Active Ice Therapy System has a high flow, dry, quick disconnect couplings that allows for freedom of movement if needed.

Ice or cold therapy after surgery | Dr. Ben Petre

Ice After Surgery and Ice Devices Ice after surgery is a great way to decrease your pain and reduce swelling. It will speed your recovery and is recommended. Ice Technique: If you are using ice or ice packs from your freezer, it is most convenient to apply the ice for 20 minutes on and then 20 minutes off. Place a thin piece of cloth between ...

How to Manage Pain After Knee Replacement Surgery: 11 Steps

Jun 10, 2020· Apply ice to your knee initially. While your knee is still in the acute phase (significant inflammation and pain), apply ice to it. The application of ice is an effective treatment for essentially all acute musculoskeletal injuries. Cold therapy should be applied to the area around the incision in order to reduce the swelling and pain, particularly in the muscles.

Top 7 Best Ice/Cold Therapy Machines Reviewed In 2020

COLD THERAPY RELIEF: Provides cool, soothing relief for post-surgery swelling and inflammation, joint pain and workout recovery. The ice therapy machine includes a durable base unit, universal cold therapy pad, insulated tubing and adjustable strap.

Shoulder Cold Therapy: Unit & Wrap | DME

They need refilling with ice and water after 6-8 hours and are great for recovering from arthroscopies, shoulder replacement surgery, and more. Cold therapy wraps on the other hand are perfect for managing strains and sprains. They can be shuttled back and forth from your freezer and used repeatedly without fear of over-doing it.

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Jan 27, 2015· For the control group, the operated limb was wrapped with an elastic bandage from toes to above the knee for 48 hours after surgery to help control the degree of compression between groups. In the post-anaesthetic recovery room and on the unit, the control group received ice bags at a frequency requested by the patient (usual care) for 48 hours.

Shoulder Ice Machine

Need a great shoulder ice machine for recovery after surgery? DME-Direct carries a variety of models specially designed to circulate cold water out to specially designed shoulder pads. They provide deep penetrating cold to your entire shoulder complex, and relieve pain and swelling for 6-8 hours.

Cold Therapy Products To Speed Recovery Time

Clinically proven to decrease post-surgical pain, swelling and muscle spasms. Patients who use cold therapy may need less pain medication, and may achieve more comfortable, restful sleep. Cold therapy is also used as part of a DVT prophylaxis regimen.

The Best Ice Machine to help with Knee Pain

Ice machines also provide great relief and aid in recovery after surgeries such as total knee replacements Most activities require the knees to have a functional range of motion of 0 to 117 degrees while walking requires the knees to flex up to 60 degrees when the heels are at the highest point up.

Circulating Cold Water Therapy Systems | Polar Products

Our comfortable and easy-to-use cold therapy system is great for drug-free pain relief after injury or post-surgery! Polar Products provides cold therapy systems that are designed for specific areas of the body and universal systems designed to be used anywhere! Free shipping is offered with system purchases. Check out all of our systems below.


Ice / Elevation: Continue ice consistently for 48 hours after surgery. After 48 hours, you should ice your shoulder 3 times per day, for 20 minutes at a time for the next 5 days. After one week from surgery, you may use ice as needed for pain and swelling. Diet: You may advance to your regular diet as tolerated.

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Cold Therapy System by Polar Vortex - Ice Circulation Machine for Knee Pain and Recovery After Surgery - Cryotherapy 3.7 out of 5 stars 32 $149.99 $ 149 . 99 ($149.99/Count)

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Cold Therapy System by Polar Vortex - Ice Circulation Machine for Knee Pain and Recovery After Surgery - Cryotherapy 3.7 out of 5 stars 32 $149.99 $ 149 . 99 ($149.99/Count)

Rotator Cuff Tear Repair (Aftercare Instructions)

Feb 03, 2020· Ice your shoulder: Ask caregivers if you should place ice or a cold pack on your shoulder. This treatment may decrease pain, swelling, and muscle spasms. Use a sling: You may need to use an abduction immobilizer sling for 4 to 6 weeks after surgery. This sling stops your arm from moving.

Best Cold Therapy Machine Reviews 2019

Secondly, let's check out the Vive Cold Therapy Machine. This is another beautiful construction, having the quality to serve your therapy time, providing soothing cool relief to your knees, ankles, cervical, legs, back, and more, especially for post surgery recovery.

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For acute injury and post-operative recovery, the portable GRPro ® 2.1 cold and compression system is clinically proven to help reduce opioid consumption, decrease pain and swelling, and increase satisfaction with the recovery process. 1,2,3,4,5. The Med4 Elite ® expands professional treatment capability for acute and chronic injury and surgery recovery with integrated iceless cold ...


ICE An ice machine will be provided to you prior to y our surgery. This will help decrease swelling and pain after your surgery. Use the ice machine as much as possible when you get home at intervals of 30 minutes on and off. You should keep the ice machine for approximately two weeks. Do not use the ice machine while you are sleeping.

Is ice good for swelling after surgery?

Apr 08, 2016· Ice and post-surgery swelling Cold compresses or ice packs can be helpful for helping you with post-surgery recovery, especially when dealing with swelling. Although swelling occurring after surgery is going to disappear within days or weeks, the application of cold or heat compresses is beneficial in speeding up the swelling healing process.

The 5 Best Ice Therapy Machines [Ranked] | Product Reviews ...

Finding an ice machine for knee surgery rental or after hip surgery may be easier than you think, so ask around locally. Some ice therapy machines with a cuff are better designed for the knee joint, so if you've had a hip replacement, make sure the attachment will work for you. Like ice, these machines provide pain relief, and reduce swelling ...


THE FIRST 72 HOURS AFTER SURGERY 1. The IceMan should be used as much as possible, even when sleeping, in order to minimize pain and swelling in the affected area. 2. Fill the cooler with ice and then top it off with water. 3. Apply the included pad to wherever you are …

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